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peter Cook


In the AES world I'm Vice President of the Eastern Region, US & Canada. I set up the AES Eastern Sections Activities blog where I try to keep my various sections up to date on what's going on. I've been on the executive of the Toronto Section and have served various functions there since 1993. Prior to that I got the McGill Section going when I was a student there.


My AES time is spent helping the small web dev committee rebuild the site and working to help support the sections in my region. The web dev team recently launched phase 1 of the new site and although there is lots left to do I'm pretty darn pleased with what we've managed so far. Major kudos to webmaster Steve Johnson who is responsible for the 'plumbing', Josh Tidsbury who is responsible for the design and css, and Nick Zacharov who helped get the project support at the BoG level.

In my (paid!) working life I spent 15 years as Recording Engineer/Producer for for CBC Records, mostly doing music editing and mastering but also some recording. More recently I've been working on CBC Radio 2's new website. I now have my fingers in pretty much every part of that site. I help out with the blog, I have a "tech" oriented post there once a week, I'm helping with our internet radio stations and our podcasts but am chiefly responsible for Concerts On Demand. Music producers and recording engineers record concerts all across Canada and in all imaginable musical genres and we make those concerts available for anyone to enjoy whenever they like. Pretty darn cool.

In the winter term I teach a class at the very fine Masters of Music in Sound Recording program at McGill University in Montreal. I've also made numerous visits to the Banff Centre for the Arts as Guest Faculty in their Music and Soundprogram.

I'm involved with the AES because it keeps me connected to what's happening in the world of audio. I've met a lot of pretty amazing people and there's no better way to keep up with our fast changing industry.

Here are a few of my colleagues who have public profiles at AES.

Central US & Canada VP Jim KaiserWestern US & Canada VP Sean Olive 

Fellow web dev member Steve Johsnon 
Fellow web dev member Josh Tidsbury 
Latin America VP Andres Mayo



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